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Fish feeding systems can be supplied and custom built for various feed sizes from 500um to 12mm and above.  The technology employed is tried and tested with many of the vibratory types in the field for 20+ years.

Feeding systems can be supplied for hatcheries, lakes/ponds and raceways. The methods of deployment of feed utilise either vibratory of spinner type; Single or multi channel timers and controls can also be provided along with relevant power supply systems.

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Although OHD offer a standard range of products, we can customise existing products and/or create new ones to customer requirements. We use the latest printed circuit board designs, high specification enclosures and assembly methods to deliver high reliability and performance.

Aquaculture systems can be designed for both medium to high power (1ph to 3ph mains based), right through to ultra low power battery and Eco-friendly solar/wind  solutions for feeding, multi-parameter measurements and aeration control.

As designers & manufacturers OHD can produce Aquaculture solutions from the simplest sketches to more complex descriptive functional documentation
We offer bespoke designs for systems tailored to specification and budget, Examples are:

Remote Monitoring of Dissolved O2

Hatchery recirculation control systems

Computer controlled feeding regimes

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Aeration into standing water can be achieved via mechanical means and help to de-stratify and oxygenate.  With our partners at Aquaculture Equipment, we can offer solutions for mains powered aeration.

Air blowers and diffusers provide an alternative to mechanical types,  de-stratifying, oxygenating and allowing safe havens for fish stocks.  Blower systems can be driven via batteries and solar/wind power.  Controls/Timers can be supplied ‘off the shelf ‘or customised.

Monitoring systems provide real time information of water quality or give alarms at time of low Dissolved Oxygen for example.  Off the shelf simple single parameter meters or more complex multi parameter systems can be built to specification.

Either system can be used standalone or relay information via wired or wireless transmission. Advanced PC software can log trends allowing water course diurnals to be analysed.