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Aeration into standing water can be achieved via mechanical means and help to de-stratify and oxygenate.  With our partners at Aquaculture Equipment, we can offer solutions for mains powered aeration.

Air blowers and diffusers provide an alternative to mechanical types,  de-stratifying, oxygenating and allowing safe havens for fish stocks.  Blower systems can be driven via batteries and solar/wind power.  Controls/Timers can be supplied ‘off the shelf ‘or customised.

See below for a list of our current ‘off the shelf’ products

Brio Aerator
Water circulation is beneficial as it helps destratify deeper waters, breaking up the thermal layers.  This helps ensure a uniform temperature and dissolved oxygen distribution.
Our Splash aerators are available in three power ranges, 0.5hp Splash, 1 hp Splash and 1.5 hp Fountain Splash.
Force 7 Aerator
The Force 7 Aerator is four machines in one, since it provides very high levels of oxygenation by introducing air using the venturi principle, as well as good circulation, de stratification and de-gassing.
TM 1 Aerator Control Unit
The TM1 is used for timed control of Aerators and offers electrical protection for Aerator motors.
Oxy Box
The Oxy-Box aerator has been developed to address the problem of aerating remote waters where the use of a generator and conventional aerator is not practical.