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Monitoring systems provide real time information of water quality or give alarms at time of low Dissolved Oxygen for example.  Off the shelf simple single parameter meters or more complex multi parameter systems can be built to specification.

Either system can be used standalone or relay information via wired or wireless transmission. Advanced PC software can log trends allowing water course diurnals to be analysed.

See below for a list of our current ‘off the shelf’ products

DO1020 DO2 Monitor
This cost effective system can ensure DO2 levels are maintained and fish are kept at their best and in an unstressed state.
DO1022 Transport Unit
The DO1020 measures dissolved oxygen levels in tanks, ponds and lakes and turns on the installed aeration system when it's actually required, thus saving energy.  The system can also be used to control DO2 in both static and transportation tanks.
DO1020 DO2 Monitor has been designed specifically to monitor DO2 levels in the water, and switch on the aerator when dissolved oxygen levels drop to a dangerous level.