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O&H Designs provide a full product design service. We have a unique project management system which minimises risks and keeps the client informed throughout the design process.

Projects are broken down into smaller, more easily managed phases which are all charged for and controlled separately. All our work is underpinned by clear, fixed price contracts.

Our core skills are our electronics and software design capability which is complimented by advanced mechanical design to provide a comprehensive product design service. We also undertake PC software applications programming in Visual C and Visual Basic.

We follow up our electronic design services by offering a fully managed manufacturing service for any of the products we have designed. Conventional and surface mount PCB assemblies are built and tested before going on to our final product assembly operation. All our manufacturing services are backed up with the technical support facilities of our design department.

In addition we offer PCB design, analogue electronics, digital electronics, wireless-communications, data-logging, bespoke instrumentation, embedded software and testing for EMC compliance and CE-Marking.

Our services span from design and development through to full scale production, providing our clients with anything from an extension of their existing design team, or a specific skill through to a complete one-stop-product development-shop. Complimenting our design of new products for clients, we also provide training and support to help transfer the new technology associated with the project so our clients are not tied or dependent upon us after the new product is released.

Using our own quality procedures or adapting our style to fit within yours, we can lead you through Concept Development, Engineering Design, Prototype Build, Testing and Design for Volume Manufacture. Our proven procedures minimise your technical risk whilst keeping you involved at every stage. Our methods are also available to help you manage your own projects or to train your staff how to use our project management techniques.

The design skills of our specialist engineers include Analogue Electronics, Micro-Electronics, Software, Mechanical, Production Engineering, Quality Control and Designing to Meet Standards. All our specialist engineers have years of experience in different manufacturing sectors and this is brought to bear when we handle your project. In addition to large complex projects, we also manage small parts of larger projects such as PCB layout design or EMC Testing.

We also include electronic assembly and test capabilities. Manufacturing to IPC levels, we now offer a full drawing-board to manufacture capability with several of our clients benefiting from us managing the technical support of their products right through to manufacture. Because we understand the intimate details of their product design, we can continue to update and refine the design after release. Keeping up with the ever changing needs of our clients' chosen markets.

Using our Certified Blackbelts to apply lean Six Sigma for service planning or implementation of lean manufacturing can transform an organization. It is not an overnight process, but the results are significant and measurable. Lean Six Sigma for service enables businesses to better identify and meet customer needs by emphasizing creative problem solving and teamwork. Unlike traditional models, lean Six Sigma for service values continuous improvements, where performance is constantly evaluated and re-tooled as needed.

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